James Wolcott

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Booman Tribune: You get what you pay for, and in Iraq, we paid for Death Squads James Wolcott: The South has made such progress, yet in affairs of th

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Opinion Mill: Time travel for cretins. Ask yourself, "Is This My Country?" Bob Geiger: Lying liars who have made it their mission to co

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Young Turks: John Kerry calls Joe Lieberman's scare tactics a disgrace. James Wolcott: No matter what height of prominence a black person reaches

Mike's Blog Round Up

Discourse.net: Coming soon to a TV near you? Vox Verax: A leaked memo from the outgoing ambassador to Iraq warned British Prime Minister Blair that c

Mike's Blog Round Up

Sic Semper Tyrannis 2006: Tribalism drives the world to the brink of a bigger war in the Middle East Confined Space: Bush to appoint an anti-regulato

Gripes Of Wrath

James Wolcott: In their apoplectic fury over The New York Times's publishing a front page expose of the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program, the White

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Crooked Timber: A federal judge has ruled that the government must act on the visa request by a Muslim scholar who has been kept out of the US for two

Lee Siegel

James Wolcott:“Lee Siegel Lee Siegel Lee Siegel." Lee Siegel has it all figured out. Lee Siegel has everything figured out. He's been unwr