Deficit 'Salem Witch' Trials

This is very cool. Digby has crashed the beltway party again and wrote another great op-ed for The Hill DC’s deficit frenzy The entire political world has descended into a deficit frenzy that rivals the mass hysteria of the Salem witch

Unconventional Wisdom -- The Retirement Age Is Too High

With all of the talk about raising the retirement age, as Digby pointed out, here's some unconventional wisdom on the topic from James Galbraith. ACTUALLY, THE RETIREMENT AGE IS TOO HIGH: The most dangerous conventional wisdom in the world

The Righteous Path

An epic rant on the politics of hard times: My thanks to Digby for a Netroots Nation panel where she talked about translating economic jargon and creating a new economic narrative. Some of what she said is applied here.

How Republicans Screw Their Own

Terrance Wall, a disillusioned Republican, tells about how he got screwed by his Republican opponent. What a fool. And Digby summarises his pli