Paul Bremer's "Northstar" Accounting Firm Fiasco

Can I get a 1.2 million dollar contract working out of the C&L bat cave? I do accounting too....Anybody?...This is the man who pushed all the buttons on Iraq. Disgusting...
Paul Bremer insisted that he’d improve controls by hiring a certified public accounting firm. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

[T]he United States gave the contract not to an accounting firm but to a tiny consulting company, Northstar — which NBC News found is headquartered at a private home near San Diego.

“They violated the rules. They picked a contractor who didn’t meet their requirements,” says Paul Light, a government contracting expert and professor at New York University.

Northstar’s president says the Pentagon knew Northstar was not a certified public accounting firm and that four experienced employees went to Iraq and did a good job. However, one audit notes that a single Northstar employee maintained spreadsheets tracking billions of dollars.


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