Dana Perino Lifts Material From The Daily Show

tds-perino.jpg Today Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino quoted a joke from "The Daily Show" about Iraq. So I don't ruin the punchline, that's all I'll say.

"I bet you just guaranteed yourself an appearance there."

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(Transcript below the fold)

White House:

Q Can we go back one more time to this notion of what a clean bill is? Now, not to negotiate, but to define it. If a bill shows up, stripped of the pork, but still has some kind of timetable in it, is that unacceptable to the President?

MS. PERINO: I'm not -- I know that would be great to get me to negotiate from here. I would refer you back to the position of the President --

Q I don't want to negotiate. I want a definition.

MS. PERINO: He has said that an arbitrary timetable in which we send a save-the-date card to the Iraqis is unacceptable to him.

Q So you say save-the-date? So you --

MS. PERINO: I stole that from Don Stewart. (Laughter.)

Q I bet you just guaranteed yourself an appearance there. (Laughter.)
Q I don't think that was Jon Stewart, I think it was Don Stewart. (Laughter.)


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