FOX News Desperately Wants The Base To Forget Thompson's Lobbyist Activities


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Fred Thompson's past career as a lobbyist...specifically, lobbying for the relaxing of abortion restrictions is a big problem for the GOP press office FOXNews. When you've built your party around rigid ideologies, things like the reality can be a problem. But not for Brit Hume. He looks at the situation and feels that Thompson never really meant to help his client.

HUME: This is not an abortion scandal, in my view. This is a billing scandal. And what I think this tells us may tell us the extent to which clients are sometimes billed for work done by the people they engage--lawyers, lobbyists and the rest--that is so insignificant that the person doing it, they don't even remember. I believe Thompson didn't remember this, and I don't believe he did very much for that abortion group...


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