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Brit Hume: Obama Should 'Share Credit' For Economy With Dubya

Because every day is alternate reality day on Fox News.

If it's rewriting history, it's Fox News.

Brit Hume is rolled onto the stage to talk about the economy and starts off with the Roger Ailes standard that the Trump and Sanders campaigns are exactly the same and appeal to exactly the same voter. Note how many times they get the word "socialist" in there, too.

But what amazes me about this clip is the turnaround that Fox News is currently experiencing. After almost eight years of insisting that history started on January 20, 2009, and in the words of a better blogger than I:

...before that nothing whatsoever existed. Except Ronald Reagan, who floated alone in the cosmos for an undetermined time until he created America out of his short rib and three jelly beans.

It's a complete turnaround from what has, until now, been Fox News gospel: not that Obama must share credit for the recovery with Bush, but that Obama, NOT Bush, was responsible for the economic crash in the first place. Fox News is happy to re-write history from one week to the next when it's between political conventions. Daily Show, 2012:

But now that the Kenyan Usurper is almost out of office it's time for another reboot of reality. We are once again allowed to know a time before Obama, because the brain cells of the average Fox News believer dedicated to what actually happened during the Bush administration, 3...2...1...are now dead.

Mark my words, the NEXT eight years on Fox will be spent pretending that the OBAMA administration -- birtherism, pre-meditated Republican obstruction, and above all Fox News lie fests -- never happened.

Brit Hume says market economies recover -- it's what they do. What Fox News does is rewrite history -- every day, and especially about themselves.

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