Mike's Blog Roundup

The Orstrahyun: Monday, Australian investors, mostly middle class people who were enthusiastically encouraged by the former prime minister John Howard, and his treasurer, to pour their savings into the markets last year, lost $110 billion before lunch. In 21 days, $300 billion of investors savings have been wiped out.

echidne of the snakes: Would you like to sign an Open Letter From American Feminists? Katha Pollitt has written one, an important one.

Collateral on blip.tv: This episode looks at the privatization of the election process and the recent - so far largely ignored - problems with voting equipment in the New Hampshire primaries.

Scott Horton: The Emails Dick Cheney deleted

gin and tacos: File this under, "Supporting the Troops".

HOLY CRAP: Translating Huckabee...Fundies Say the Darndest Things!...Banned from church...Abortion as litmus test...Jesus Politics...Romney and religion...Government Funded Religion...Rudy's reinvention as a Holy Fool...Ray Comfort's Bible Science...Smilentology! ...God's Profits...Pastoral Electioneering


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