Super Tuesday Open Thread:Updated

(table updates automatically every two minutes)

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We're going to try and leave this table up for the time being and see how it works. Click on each state to get a comprehensive breakdown of that state. The table will automatically refresh in your browser every 2 minutes, without you having to refresh the entire page. Isn't technology cool?

Update: John Amato: I just got off a conference call with the Clinton camp. They said that California is still too early for any results to come in. They said that they feel this primary will continue into the month of March and are happy where they are at this point...If Obama has a call I'll go on...

Brit Hume just asked his all star panel if Romney should pack it in. And Limbaugh cries....Why did the wingnuts take so long to try and torpedo McCain?

William the Bloody says that Mitt is on death's door. His fangs looked rather sharp.

Romney spoke to his peeps and is still in it to win. He's so happy that all three states he lived in voted for him. Yippie!

Hillary won Massachusetts and Obama won Connecticut. Hmmmm..

It looks like there was no Ted Kennedy effect in his home state. We'll see if he helped in CA soon.

Conservatives went to the Huckster instead of Romney---rebuking right wing talkies...


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