John McCain Has The "I Can't Remember What I Said' Disease

John McCain can't seem to remember that he said he'd be willing to tear down the lower 9th ward in NOLA after only three days. I mean, give me a break. Is that Presidential material? I ask you, is it? Media, hello, are you there? (h/t Bill Sher)

I like the way the WSJ's Elizabeth Holmes says Hillary Clinton is trying to turn his visit to NOLA against him. Since Holmes wrote the article that has McCain saying this:

McCain said he didn’t know what his plans would be. “That’s why we need to go back,” he said, “to have a conversation about what to do about it. Rebuild it? Tear it down? Ya know, whatever it is.”

I would have to say that he turned his visit against himself. And what do we know, another member of McCain's Media has jumped in to defend his honor. I give you TIME's Michael Scherer:

Three days later, a writer for CBS News who was not traveling with the campaign, used this quote in a blog post. This was interpreted by Clinton and ACORN as a smoking gun--proof that McCain would not fund efforts to help the people of New Orleans recover. Now I was not on the bus when McCain said that quote, but I was traveling with McCain during this time. And all available evidence suggests that McCain meant something far narrower--not that he wanted to tear down the Ninth Ward, but that he wanted to speak with the people of the Ninth Ward about how they want to move forward. Why do I say this?

He was not on the Bus either (Michael must have missed some tasty doughnuts too) so instead becomes McCain's interpreter. He writes"All the available evidence suggests that McCain meant something narrower." Then he proceeds to write a huge post in McCain's defense, sort of like one of those 60 or so lobbyists McCain uses on his campaign would have penned. OK, Michael, did he say "Tear it down?" Yes or no? It's a simple question. He doesn't answer that question at all in his column and that was where the criticism comes from. It's unbelievable.

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Has anyone ever seen a defense of a Democratic politician like this before from any of the Kool Kidz?


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