Mike's Blog Round Up

Left in Alabama: More support for Jim Webb's GI Bill legislation. Are you listening, John McCain, and all you other Republicans in Congress?

PTSD: Given the underplayed, staggering numbers on veteran suicides, post-traumatic stress disorder, brain injuries and the like, it seems like awfully bad form to prosecute and imprison a veteran for pushing for PTSD benefits. While some innovative approaches for treating PTSD seem effective, replacing the VA's 'criminally negligent' leadership might also help.

The War Comes Home: Cutting to the heart of the war and Winter Soldier.

FranIAm: "Lest We Forget" — Revisiting Hiroshima.

Majikthise: Phylis Schlafly, rape denier.

The Satirical Political Report: A sneak peek behind the scenes of the Hamas superdelegates. (Horrors, has Joe Lieberman heard?)

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