Jon Stewart Slams 'Financial Journalists' For Fawning Davos Coverage


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart did his best to make a mockery of the media's fawning coverage of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the so-called correspondents there from the Fox Business Channel and Bloomberg looked more like some teenagers thrilled to meet their favorite rock star than anyone who is supposed to be doing some actual reporting on financial matters -- or heaven forbid, income inequality -- which was one of the topics being discussed there by the one percent attending the conference.

STEWART: What’s with the giddiness? Are you financial journalists, or just excited to be invited to the Money Oscars? Hey, hey! I loved you in the real life events they later based The Wolf of Wall Street on. Keep up the good work!

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones wasn't doing so well at the Syrian peace talks in Montreux, Switzerland, but his cohort Samantha Bee checked in from what appeared to be the set of Eyes Wide Shut to let jon know how things were going in Davos.


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