Misogynist Creep McConnell Says Wives Owe Husbands Sex

Ol' Mitch can't being himself to disagree with creep-o Dennis Prager.
Misogynist Creep McConnell Says Wives Owe Husbands Sex

Via Americans Against The Tea Party:

As usual, GOP “no war on women in sight” scumbags see women as non-human items, and water them down to sexual objects and nothing more. In this case, not only are women unqualified when making their own conclusions about sex and nothing more than sex toys, but sex toys whose lack of consensual agreement means nothing.

Rape culture is “fake” you say, right?

Dennis Prager, anti-feminist, talk radio host, conservative and co-host of a fundraiser for Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) decided to unwittingly unleash a slew of dreadful remarks, clearly suggesting that a married woman’s consent means noth...

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