Jon Stewart Rips Palin, LaPierre And Their Paranoid Friends At The Annual NRA Convention

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took on the paranoid gun nuts at the annual NRA convention this year and the state of Georgia for their "guns everywhere" law.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart let Sarah Palin have it for her baptism by waterboarding remarks at the annual NRA convention over the weekend, and got his digs in on the other fearmongering wingnuts who appeared with her.

You can always count on the usual suspects like their president Wayne LaPierre and the pandering politicians who showed up such as Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio to throw some red meat to the crowds there and make for some easy fodder for the late night comics.

Stewart got a few digs in on Georgia and their "guns everywhere law" they just passed as well, and the fact that "one of the only places Georgia's legislators didn't allow guns was in the building where they work."

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