Apparently Unironically, Tea Partier Ted Cruz Complains That Chuck Hagel's Views Are "Not In The Mainstream"

This is so damn funny on so many levels.

CRUZ: You look at Chuck Hagel's record and it places him on the outer fringe in terms of his views on national security...Now, this is a man who served honorably for his nation, he was wounded defending his nation, I respect him personally. But his views are not in the mainstream, and I don't think they'd serve this nation well leading the Department of Defense.

So Ted Cruz, who calls himself a Teabagger (along with only 8% of Americans), who calls gun control "unconstitutional," promotes nutty UN conspiracy theories and warns that Shariah law is "an enormous problem" in the US -- he's the arbiter of what "mainstream views" are?

I guess on Fox News, that's credible. Everywhere else it's just hilarious.


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