Wingnut Wunderkind Jonathan Krohn Seems Like A Natural Phenomenon

Everyone is either amazed and surprised or quietly appalled by young Jonathan Krohn, the then-13-year-old (he turned 14 on Sunday) who wowed the folks at the CPAC convention this weekend with his precocious-wingnut routine. He is indeed a startlingly poised young man.

But honestly, it seemed perfectly natural to me. After all, conservative thought (as it were) has always reflected the way a 13-year-old would view the world: like a highly dualistic, light-and-darkness morality fable, filled with heroic patriots and defenders of freedom contending against the slithering forces of puling liberal evil. Just ask Jonah Goldberg.

I'd say the young man has a nice career at NRO just waiting for him. Though you never can tell for sure what happens when a kid like this eventually gets a little taste of real life, either. Sometimes very interesting things happen.


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