Fox News' Keith Ablow: Tea Partiers 'Enslaved' And 'Slaves Always Revolt'

2 years ago by David

Fox News’ resident psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow told a group of tea partiers over the weekend that they had been "enslaved" by taxes and "slaves always revolt."

At a Saturday "Tax Day Tea Party Rally" in Boston, Ablow explained that the government wanted to take away guns because "having firearms means you have the ability to defend yourself." Video of the event was uploaded on Sunday.

"The thing with slaves is you can't keep 'em, they always revolt," the Fox News contributor opined. "Enslaved by the notion of ever-increasing taxes, told that we can't spend our money -- even the money that we do take home -- the way we want to. Told that adulthood starts at 25, if ever. Told that nobody should really be able to hold a firearm and know that he or she can defend his family or her family if push comes to shove. That can't stand because slaves always revolt."

"No one can shackle the American spirit because inside each of us and the reason we love America is because we love the capacity of people to outperform, we rely on it... So, don't let anybody tell you that we won't win because the truth, my friends, always wins."

(h/t: Media Matters)


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