Colbert: McDonald's Budget For Minimum Wage Employees Proves They Don't Care About Math


As we already discussed here, with fast food workers across the country organizing strikes to demand a living wage, fighting against the likes of the Koch brothers and their ilk, who don't think we need any minimum wage at all, Stephen Colbert took McDonald's to task for their financial advice website for employees.

Colbert took his audience through some of the bad math in their sample budget along with the fact that it assumes their employees are also going to be working a second job.

COLBERT: So,if you work two jobs at 75 hours a week and follow this budget to the letter, McDonald's nonbindingly promises you'll have $100 for savings a month, because as McDonald's says "You can have almost anything you want as long as you plan ahead and save for it."

Unless the thing you want is money.

So, stop complaining, 4 million fast food workers. McDonald's may have net a profit last quarter of $1.39 billion, but you get a fair wage, plus all the grease you can breathe.

For Pete's sake, an employee at a Chicago McDonald's makes $8.25 an hour, but the CEO of McDonald's only makes $8.75... million dollars a year. I mean, $8.25, $8.75, they're practically the same if you don't care about math, and McDonald's budget proves they don't.


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