Jon Stewart Mocks Wingnut Ted Cruz For Considering 2016 Presidential Run


Jon Stewart did his best to make a mockery of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for being brazen enough to consider a presidential run in 2016, given the fact that he's not exactly popular with most of the country, or even within his own party, with his penchant to stick his finger in the eye of his fellow Republicans if it means he's elevating his own profile.

After going through a series of video clips and a long list of why most Americans should never take this man seriously, Stewart brought up the one other item that might prove problematic for Cruz should he decide to run for president -- and that's the fact that he was born in Canada. He was however, ready to put "the Donald" on the case since he's already been so helpful with investing President Obama's birth certificate.

I had to wonder after watching the clip above from the Daily Show if one of Stewart's staffers read this post on Cruz: 5 Reasons Ted Cruz Would Be A Democrat’s Dream 2016 GOP Nominee:

In a move that only surprised people who assume there’s some limit to the ego of Ted Cruz (R-TX), the freshman senator from Texas has let it be known that he is considering running for president in 2016.

“If you don’t think this is real, then you’re not paying attention,” says a Republican insider. “Cruz already has grassroots on his side, and in this climate, that’s all he may need.”

“There’s not a lot of hesitation there,” adds a Cruz donor who has known the Texan for decades. “He’s fearless.”

There would definitely be a historical precedent for a Cruz candidacy, explains National Review Online’s Robert Costa:

His supporters argue that he’d be a Barry Goldwater type — a nominee who would rattle the Republican establishment and reconnect the party with its base – but with better electoral results.

It would be hard to get worse electoral results than Barry Goldwater, who only won 52 electoral votes and 38.5 percent of the popular vote. But that’s the kind of point you have to make when you discuss the potential presidential candidacy of Ted Cruz.

Cruz has the conspiratorial mindset of a Michele Bachmann (R-MN) with the Harvard education of a Mitt Romney. He won’t flutter out like a Rick Perry (R-TX), but he’ll charge full force into the GOP with rhetorical fury and unveiled disdain for his opponents.

And here’s why that would likely be a dream come true for Democrats.

I think Cruz would lose in a blowout as well, but he's got just enough people in this country who are actually supportive of him to scare the hell out of me.


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