Rick Perry Hecklers In Ames: 'Why Do You Hate Gays So Much?'

Hecklers scream at Rick Perry in Ames: 'Why do you hate gays so much?'

Rick Perry got a bit more than he bargained for today in Ames. The rousing send-off from Iowa he'd hoped for met with a chorus of catcalls.

Perry's ad "Strong" has now been viewed over 5,000,000 times at YouTube, and has more "dislikes" than Rebecca Black's song "Friday", the previous holder for "most hated video" on YouTube.

via the Des Moines Register:

Ames, Ia. – A packed coffee house where Rick Perry spoke this afternoon turned into a bit of a ruckus that left the candidate bolting to his vehicle after several Iowans screamed questions about his comments regarding gay and lesbian families.

“Why do you hate gays so much,” one screamed as Perry wrapped up a rather typical campaign stop and avoided taking any questions from the audience.

“Go back to Texas” another screamed from the back of Cafe Diem coffee shop in Ames.
Perry soon left the coffee shop and was on his way out when a young boy asked if he would give him an autograph. Perry gave him a signature and bolted for his vehicle.
Got to “head back to the land,” Perry, who is returning to Texas today, said as he jumped into the vehicle.

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