Mike's Blog Roundup

Empire Burlesque: Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq...

William K. Wolfrum: The Swiftboating of Jesus H. Christ

Majikthise: Edwards' netroots coordinator Melissa McEwan resigns

Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog: Condi celebrates African-American History Month with--who else?--G-Dub!

Roger Ailes: Lying wingnut "quotes" Lincoln, but Lincoln didn't speak or write like a third-rate blogger with his pants around his ankles after watching 24.

Design Observer: In 1953, Bertrand Russell wrote an alphabet book for children called the Good Citizen's Alphabet. It's quirky, philosophical,and surprisingly relevant today. In these political times, so polarized with heated rhetoric, certain words require proper definition to be used correctly in political and social discourse; words such as, "asinine," "erroneous," even "nincompoop." Of course, there are also words that inspire: "liberty," "sacrifice," even "zeal." It is in this spirit that Russell's alphabet is offered here as a slide show, accompanied by his original introduction.


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