Mike's Blog Round Up

DownWithTyranny!: Who will be the next Gay Republican hypocrite to be dragged out of the closet screaming about mediaa witch hunts? Majikthise: Tancr

Mike's Blog Roundup

Hey everyone, I'm Bill Wolfrum from,, and, and other assorted sites. I like long walks on the beach

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hillbilly Report: Kentucky memorial commemorates the Iraq war dead as we close in on the anniversary of a lie...FAIR provides an interesting timeline,

Mike's Blog Roundup

Empire Burlesque: Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq... William K. Wolfrum: The Swiftboating of Jesus H. Christ Majikthise

Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

(graphic via Attaturk via AP) Bush: Welcome to the White House on an historic day. It is a rare occasion when a President can sign a bill he knows w

Sunday Sermonette: Isaac Asimov

Sunday Sermonette: Isaac Asimov This week, I have the privilege of introducing C&L readers to the Sunday Sermonette. Revere explains how this blog

What Is Baby Luv?

What is Baby Luv? It has been widely reported that socialite Paris Hilton was attacked by her pet monkey, Baby Luv, as she shopped for bras in Los Ang

Saturday Miscellany

Saturday Miscellany Blogospheric roundup: Ezra Klein on the radical right's hypocrisy over the human papilloma vaccine The Guardian Newsblog on a Gi

'You Guys Are Pathetic'

"You Guys Are Pathetic" As my co-blogger noted earlier, House Republicans staged a vote on immediate withdrawal from Iraq yesterday in order to defea