Mike's Blog Round Up

DownWithTyranny!: Who will be the next Gay Republican hypocrite to be dragged out of the closet screaming about mediaa witch hunts?

Majikthise: Tancredo to Gulf Coast--Drop Dead

The Orstrahyun: Nine stolen anti-tank rocket launchers are still missing as world leaders begin flying in to Sydney, Australia for next week's APEC summit. President Bush is set to arrive on Tuesday, amidst a net of ultra-security set to lockdown the centre of the city, for most of the working week.

Horses Mouth:  It'll be interesting to see if this gets any attention...

The Carpetbagger Report: Stop me if you've heard this one: career Bush administration officials had an idea that would benefit the public; affected corporations balked and hired lobbyists, political appointees ("loyal Bushies") scrapped the idea.

HOLY CRAP: Not everything in this feature should be construed as anti-religion.  I think our readers can separate the chicken salad from the chicken sh*t.  Fr'instance here's slacktivist, Fred Clark on Obama and theolgian Reinhold Niebuhr...G-Dub snubs a War widow, because she's a Wiccan...A week's worth of updates on Christianist fringe-dwellers...A PG-rated rant telling religious zealots to mind their own bidness...What do I mean by religious zealots?  These assh*les.  Indeed, religious extremism is the source of a lot of the world's trouble, but apparently last week's program on CNN, "God's Warriors", did not make some members of the Am-Taliban very happy...Hitchens and Donohue duke it out on Hardball...Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes thinks Answers in Genesis has the funniest posts...


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