Rahm, I Think We Have A Problem

rahm-iraqbill.jpg How many of you were saddened to hear Rahm Emanuel utter these words?

Rahm: The way I would view this, I view this as the beginning of the end of the President's policy in Iraq in this way. It ends the blank check on more troops...

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Oh, really? You just gave Bush the money he needed without a timeline in Iraq. That really sends a signal loud and clear. We all know that Bush's ridiculous talking points are bunk. You know which ones I'm talking about. If the Democratic Party doesn't give him all the cash he wants then they aren't supporting the troops. I think most of the troops would rather be at home with their families instead of as Lara Logan puts it: "being in a wasteland"---dodging bombs on a daily basis.

Jane Hamsher says that the Democratic message machine is broken.

Glenn Greenwald and Jonathan Alter got into it over the funding issue of the Bush/McCain/Lieberman war. Glenn Greenwald:

The question that naturally arises is how did this happen? Why would Americans, who overwhelmingly want a forced end to the war, favor every measure for achieving that other than de-funding? How did it happen that — to use Alter's formulation — "Americans have been convinced" of a patent falsehood: that de-funding would "endanger the troops"?...read on


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