The Fox News President

This week, Bush’s media operation is branching out. The normally media-averse president is sitting down for two fairly lengthy television interviews — one with Fox News Channel, and the other with the Fox Business Channel. It led Dan Froomkin to label Bush the “Fox News President,” which seems wholly appropriate under the circumstances.

Any why, pray tell, do you suppose Bush is willing to give up so much of his time to the partisan News Corp. outlets? Perhaps it has something to do with questions like this one from David Asman, which kicked off yesterday’s interview:

“You call yourself a supply-sider. Your speech today was all about tax cuts. But were even you surprised at how much revenue came in to the Treasury when you lowered those tax rates?”

C’mon. I mean, really. A self-respecting “journalist’s” first question is predicated on the idea that the president’s policies have been so successful that he might even be “surprised” by his own greatness? (As Froomkin noted, this gives “sycophancy a bad name.”)

Even more important, of course, is that neither Asman nor Bush have any idea what they’re talking about. Reducing taxes doesn’t increase revenue. No serious person believes such nonsense — the argument has even been rejected by Bush’s own council of economic advisors.

It’s pure right-wing fantasy, but on Fox, it’s stated as fact in the form of a brown-nose question.


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