As usual, Jack Cafferty sure didn't mince words when he succinctly summed up where we stand so far with the NYT's revelation of McCain's unusually cl
February 20, 2008

As usual, Jack Cafferty sure didn't mince words when he succinctly summed up where we stand so far with the NYT's revelation of McCain's unusually close ties to telecom lobbyist Vicki Iseman, and asked his viewers to weigh in on whether it will hurt his chances come November:

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Cafferty: Someone is lying. The New York Times dropped a bombshell on John McCain this morning with a front page story that could cost him the White House. It's great reading: an improper relationship with a lobbyist, a woman named Vicki Iseman, his inner-circle convinced they were having an affair, all happening while he was Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee and she was representing telecom companies who had business before McCain's committee. The two of them together at fundraisers, in his office, aboard private corporate jets ... It got so bad that his closest friends and advisers finally stepped in to save McCain from himself.

This is all according to the New York Times. The problem with the story is it's a little on the skinny side. Most of it's based on unnamed sources and that detracts from its credibility. On the other hand the Times byline contains the names of four reporters who were not likely to go their editor and say 'look what we've got' if they didn't have it, and reportedly as far back as December McCain was pleading with the editors at the Times not to run this story.

McCain's explanation for all of this comes up short. "It's not true" aint going to cut it. For one thing McCain has been here before. Remember the Keating 5 and the Savings and Loan scandal? And it's highly unlikely that the Times information from McCain's inner circle of advisers is all false. You don't publish a story of this magnitude unless you are on pretty solid ground. So stay tuned, because there is a lot more to come. ...

That sounds about right. So what do you think? Is this a mess that's just going to snowball and bury the McCain campaign or could the scandal actually wind up helping him? So far, McCain seems to think so, as his campaign has now begun exploiting the controversy for a quick buck. How do you see this all playing out?

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