Jack Cafferty

Cafferty: Why Can't Romney Catch Fire With Conservatives?

CNN's Jack Cafferty asks why Republicans aren't thrilled with Mitt Romney during his "Cafferty File" segment and the the answers aren't pretty to say the least. What Cafferty and Beinart both ignore when discussing the GOP base and what candidate

Jack Cafferty Carries Water For AstroTurf 'Tea Party'

It looks like Jack Cafferty decided to carry a little water for the astroturf "tea party" with a bit of fearmongering over our debt and deficit with this dishonest bit of editorializing on CNN's The Situation Room. First of all, repeat after me Jack

Jack Cafferty Wonders If A Presidential Run Is Already Over For Trump

Jack Cafferty almost pretends here that Donald Trump was ever a serious presidential candidate for 2012 and asks if there's any doubt that he doesn't have a chance in hell of winning after the thumping he took at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last weekend by President Obama and SNL's Seth Meyers.

Jack Cafferty Calls Social Security A 'Social Welfare Program'

You know, I used to have some respect for Jack Cafferty even though I knew back then that we were on primarily opposite ends of the political spectrum because he spoke out against the Bush administration when that wasn't necessarily the most popular