So, What Does Clinton Do Now?

No matter which candidate one prefers, it’s probably fair to say Hillary Clinton’s campaign is not where it wants or needs to be. The question, of course, is what the one-time frontrunner is going to do about it.

“I’ve been there trying to turn around losing campaigns,” a true-blue Clinton loyalist painfully acknowledged Tuesday. “When nothing you do is working, you get desperate. This is starting to feel desperate.”

Clinton surrogates have tossed eggs everywhere, hoping something would stick. They’ve called Obama a wimp for refusing to debate in Wisconsin - a classic loser’s ploy.

They’ve accused him of breaking pledges and being an empty-suited orator.

The attacks bombed - especially the lighter-than-air charges that Obama plagiarizes key portions of his campaign spiel.

That, of course, is but a small sampling of the attacks from the last few weeks. Let’s see, once Obama’s fortunes rose and Clinton’s started to sink, we’ve heard attacks about inexperience, healthcare policy, Rezko, teenaged drug use, Exelon, “illegal” robo-calls, “present” votes, and tax increases, among other things.

If results from the last 10 contests are any indication, this kitchen-sink strategy isn’t exactly moving the needle in Clinton’s direction.

Obviously, most of Clinton’s key early advantages, most notably “inevitability,” have largely faded away. But what can her campaign do now to get things back on track?


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