Recently, C&L has been very fortunate to speak with Matt Sorum, best known as the drummer for Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver, and discuss his newest musical venture, "Stratosphere."
March 17, 2014

Many of you know Matt Sorum, the Hall Of Fame rock drummer of Guns & Roses, but I bet you didn't know that he can write, sing and play the guitar? Full disclosure, Matt has been a friend of mine for many years. I was lucky enough to play with him a few times before I was injured and it was a blast so when he told me about his new project, I was stoked.

Matt also has other passions in life and he's one to not just sit around. He's involved with a project called: Adopt the Arts Foundation:

It is the mission of Adopt the Arts Foundation to bring together well-known artists, public figures, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the general public to save the arts in America's public schools. We believe that it is morally and ethically incumbent upon us to foster the creativity, dreams, hopes, and imaginations of our children.

Our Adopt a School program is the best way to quickly give schools flexible arts and music programs. Join Matt Sorum, John Stamos, Mark McGrath, Johnathon Schaech, Adrian Young and Rob Prior and take part in this exciting new initiative. To learn more, email

Matt is also involved with several animal charities as well.

He's one of the good ones. You can find "Stratosphere" on Itunes as well as Amazon (click here) and in Best Buy.

Our writer for the Late Nite Music Club, Ryan Pressman, was able to conduct an online interview with Matt, who gave us his perspective on the making of this album:

1. What motivated you to put out another studio album?

It's weird, it's almost like its calling you. It was on my mind a lot. I just had to figure out how to get it done financially and get it out properly. The music came first, of course. I really wanted to do this record for about the last 6 or 7 years.

2. What was it like to step out from behind the kit and stand out front with a guitar?

I love it and have been doing a few gigs here or there with charity things and different gigs. I feel very comfortable being up front .

3. How did it feel to take on the mantle of songwriter once again and record original music?

It's cool, I've always written songs and have my other side of singer-songwriter type stuff. Loved picking the musicians to make this music come to life.

4. In one of your "making of" webisodes about the album, you mention that you arranged a lot of the music. Were you trained in arranging music or are you self taught?

I was a schooled musician growing up; so yes, I was trained in certain aspects of arrangement, but I use an intuitive method as well.

5. Are there any interesting stories behind any of the songs?

Well yes "Josephine " is about my 101 year old grandmother who was married to my grandfather for 70 years , it's their love story.

"Gone" started as a song about the loss of my brother but became a overall song about loss in my life. "What Ziggy Says"is about all my family members and "For The Wild Ones" is about endangered Wildlife and animal abuse.

6. What are some of the things that inspired you to write this album?

Many personal stories but also what's going on in the world around me as well.

7. You've mentioned that there are a lot of different styles that influenced this album, which of those styles do you feel are most prominent in the music?

Well my love for Americana,The Beatles, Bowie and The Doors. So many styles I love so it was very freeing to do this record .

8. Your feelings about human and animal rights are found throughout the album. Did you have any specific messages in mind that you wanted to convey through the music?

Well yes , compassion for human rights and animals shapes who we are as individuals and as a society. We need to be aware that this is a big planet that we all share and need to take care of.

9. You've indicated that you plan to launch a tour in support of the album. How long do you plan to do so and what regions will the tour span?

It's hard to tour as an indie artist but I'm working on a plan to morph some ideas to bring an event around this music. More to be revealed...


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