December 25, 2016

The Junior Dooce on the Loose, Peter Doocy is fearmongering about Muslims, and daddy must be proud. On Fox and Friends Weekend edition, sensationalism is still the norm, as evidenced by the regular segment title 'The Rise of Islamic Extremism.' The host calls this upcoming segment, 'fair and balanced,' even though it's clearly two against one.

The 'news' network is playing the I-told-you-so card regarding the Christmas market attacks by a Muslim, in Berlin on Monday. The perpetrator was from a Muslim nation, Tunisia. So this is the perfect opportunity to revive Trump's ban on ALL Muslims coming into the country. The crazy president's ideas weren't so crazy after all, Fox is pleased to admit.

The guest on the left, Shayan Elahi, a civil rights attorney, came armed legitimate questions about how this ban could possibly be implemented. Maybe he expected the other guest, Asra Nomani, and the Fox 'News' host to have an argument on policy, based in reality. Since he's been on Fox 'News' before, one might imagine he must have predicted what ensued: pure nonsense.

ELAHI: Sure, banning is not vetting. You're talking about banning Muslims. He didn't say 'vetting.' Vetting is completely fair We have to scrutinize...

DOOCY: *Interrupts* Who said anything about banning this week?

ELAHI: President-elect Trump, and that he's going ahead, that's what your topic is. So let me talk about that. The pathology of President-elect Trump is to knee-jerk react to everything that happens in the world right? Then he backtracks. He still hasn't given an actual policy on how he's going to go about this ban because it's not feasible. For any policy to work it needs to be Constitutional, politically acceptable and basically has to be implementable, right? Someone has to implement it. How are you going to ban all Muslims and if someone comes to the embassy and says I'm not a Muslim, are you going to let them in? I mean it's just not a workable situation. The president-elect, Trump has no idea what he's talking about.

DOOCY: It's my understanding that President-elect said this week was that he thinks that he's been 100% right so far. (shocking, for a narcissist, isn't it?)

Fantastic! Trump was right because a Tunisian decided to commit an atrocity in Germany. Doocy asks Nomani if we should do what her chosen candidate wants or do nothing different than we are currently.

DOOCY: What would be more powerful? The actual imposition of this ban on Muslims coming from a certain part of the world, or just leaving it out there that it's a possibility that could be something that's coming.

Instead of answering that question, she decided to critique Elahi about what he said, none of which was incorrect.

NOMANI: The hyperbole is emblematic of sort of this chicken little syndrome that we've had from so many people in our Muslim community.

ELAHI: Are you saying that the president-elect did not say that?

NOMANI: You don't have to be rude to me by interrupting.

ELAHI: No madam you just made

NOMANI: What we're hearing to with this kind of corruption is exactly what we experience in our view behind, behind

ELAHI: But you're lying

DOOCY: one at a time

It went on and on, as she excoriated, wrongly of course, the current lack of voice that this administration has given to what she labels Islamic Extremism. The attorney tried to get her to answer Doocy's original question: 'do you support a total ban on Muslims?' She kept insisting that Trump insists only on his 'extreme vetting,' even though that's not what he recently said. Doocy finally took control.

DOOCY: Two days ago the president-elect was asked if the attack in Berlin had him rethinking possibly adding a ban on Muslims entering the country from certain places and all that he said was that he thinks he has been a hundred percent right about everything so far.

So in essence, Trump wants this ban and Nomani won't admit that she is in favor of it too, because there still exists, somewhere in the world, Islamic extremism! Get it? Don't worry, everything about this administration will not only be laden with ill-advised, rash and dangerous action from Donald, but it will also likely contradict itself before too long. The more you confuse the people the easier it is to get away with all sorts of atrocities.

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