October 22, 2017

Coming to a local broadcast station near you. As we have discussed here previously this year, if you hate what Fox "news" and right wing hate talk has done to rot the brain of your right wing relatives, you're not going to be any happier with the takeover of your local television outlets by the ultra-right wing Sinclair Broadcast Group.

As Media Matters reported this week, here's what's going on at Sinclair stations across the country: Sinclair-owned stations give platform to serial misinformer Peter Schweizer of Breitbart:

Dozens of Sinclair-owned local news stations are running a package featuring serial misinformer Peter Schweizer, a senior editor-at-large for Breitbart, making debunked allegations about Hillary Clinton’s role in a deal selling U.S. uranium holdings to Russia while she was secretary of state. This package is the latest in Sinclair’s attempt to infect local media with inaccurate right-wing commentary.

Schweizer, whose work has been funded in large part by hedge fund billionaires Robert and Rebekah Mercer, used the segment to hype debunked allegations from his error-riddled book Clinton Cash. He implied that there was “cronyism” or “corruption” surrounding the selling of the Uranium One company to a Russian nuclear company while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state because the company, Rosatom, donated to the Clinton Foundation. Schweizer, who has a long history of pushing misinformation, baselessly claimed, “There was a quid pro quo culture at the Clinton Foundation, that large donors were getting favors in return for those donations.”

KDNL is the St. Louis, MO based Sinclair Station, and this Thursday, St. Louis' own Hannity wannabe, Jamie Allman, took his turn spreading this bile on his program, The Allman Report, which began airing in late 2014.

ALLMAN: And now for the final word, and there is a Russian dude in jail right now after being convicted of bribery. There is money being handed over to an American foundation, an American entity. And Vladimir Putin is perhaps stronger than ever on the world stage as a result of what was going on.

And none of it involves Donald Trump, or his campaign. Huh? No wonder we're not hearing much about the story of the big uranium deal.

That's right. The media apparently is ignoring all of this, at least most of the media is, and my suggestion is it involves President Obama not President Trump. It involves Hillary Clinton, not President Trump. Eric Holder, not President Trump.

You see, the deal here is, and there ought to be hearings on this, and hopefully there will be hearings on this, because heaven knows we were hearing stories about Jim Comey and having hearings on that and stories about campaign collusion and hearings on that, but so far no hearing on the big uranium deal that allowed Vladimir Putin to take over 20 percent of our uranium supplies. 20 percent.

Now why we're handing over uranium to a guy who is apparently one of our big mortal enemies, isn't that what the Democrats and people on the left call him, and the media and everyone else? Because President Trump dares to say nice things, or a nice thing about Putin? And suddenly he is a horrible person but, we are cutting deals with the guy giving him 20 percent of our uranium, and there is not a little smattering of coverage on this story that could involve kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation.

It could involve illegal activity on the part of some entities in the swamp, in the deep state and could involve some really embarrassing details about how President Obama and Hillary Clinton operated. And yet there is nothing being reported.

This is a huge story and there will be some folks who are getting a hold of this in the media. But more importantly we need our government, our elected representatives to hold hearings on this once and for all, and get to the bottom of it.

Pay attention to the story here and maybe at Fox and maybe on Breitbart and maybe in the U. S. Senate. But you won't hear it anywhere else, so you know where to look. Yeah.

Sinclair would like to acquire two more stations in St. Louis, to go with the one it owns now, and sadly, according to a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The FCC is not expected to block the deal, but Sinclair may have to sell some stations, both locally and elsewhere in the U.S., to obtain purchase approval. The FCC limits how much of a viewing market can be reached by a single broadcast group.

The Post-Dispatch article also discussed Media Matters opposition to the deal due to the likes of Allman and the right wing propaganda he pollutes the airways with. They failed to mention the long list of lies and conspiracy theories regularly promoted by Allman, or link to the article from Media Matters which gives dozens of specific examples of the hatred, racism, bigotry and sexism spewed by Allman on the air on a regular basis and on Twitter.

You can read the Media Matters article here: St. Louis' Sinclair station replaced local news with unhinged conspiracy theories from a wannabe Sean Hannity.

It paints quite an ugly picture of Trump sycophant Allman who has pushed everything from voter fraud myths, to lies about Planned Parenthood selling "baby parts," to the shameful Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory, to Vince Foster to you name it on his show. He's really quite a disgusting piece of work.

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