The NRA's Spokeslady has had enough of the oppression of men, already! Don't let his fist hit you in the face on your way out!
June 7, 2018

You are so cute! Dana Loesch, I just love your new NRATV video!!! You are here to protect the menz. Thanks be to sweet cheezus they have you to speak up for them, those poor oppressed souls. Those delicate flowers. Never getting to have jobs, or better pay than women or ascendency to power or anything.

We women need to stay in our lane, amirite? Did you know there is a witch hunt? These poor boys cannot grab the pussies of their female classmates without them whining and telling on them. Can't we just let boys be boys? What ever happened to the shut-up-and-take-it approach?

Dana, you make a super point that is not-at-all-arbitrary (nor is it weird) when you say women without kids just don't have the right to talk about toxic masculinity. I mean, when would a woman without children of her own ever have come across toxic masculinity, or even a MAN, for that matter? If she had, wouldn't she have kids? THEN she could talk about it. Oh. Wait. Even THEN, don't talk about it. Everyone knows women without kids have never been abused, raped, assaulted, harassed, intimidated, mansplained to, turned down for a job because she is a woman in favor of a man with fewer qualifications...that is just crazy talk!

You took a weird turn with a point about absent fathers, though...

No, the problem that we’re having with society is that there’s an attack on masculinity where toxic masculinity isn’t an issue in all of the homes where there are absent fathers. That’s a lack of, not toxic.

Can we parse? Is there an attack on masculinity where there are absent fathers, Dana? Is that what you're saying? Or, is toxic masculinity not an issue where there are absent fathers? Was THAT your point there, Dana? Or is the problem that there is an attack on masculinity where toxic masculinity isn't an issue? Did I get it that time? Stick with me, I promise I'm not being intentionally obtuse! I'm just trying to be on your level intellectually!

And, gee, I wonder which homes to which you're referring, Dana. Are they the homes in the wealthy suburbs where the fathers are absent because they work so many hours that they aren't home much? Or the homes where the families actually own two homes, so that when the dad is working, the mom takes the kids to the lake house for some much needed R&R? Are those the homes you're talking about? I just wanna be clear, here.

But the best- THE BEST - is when you said that these hags who dare discuss this made-up problem "wouldn't know toxic masculinity if it hit them in the face."


I get it!

In fact, you almost go so far as to add, "No pun intended," but managed to stop yourself after the word "No." Would that have been be a bridge of the broken nose too far, maybe? I watched the clip, though. I listened to your voice. You knew exactly--but exactly what you were saying when you said that, you sly thing. That actually was a pun intended, wasn't it? Come on. You can tell me. We're best buds, right?

Love ya!

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