Trump's 'Jexodus' Tweet Shows He's The Commander In Disgrace
Credit: Getty Images: Robert Alexander
March 15, 2019

After beginning his morning with a ludicrous "best wishes" tweet of condolence to the NZ massacre of 49 people, Trump immediately followed that up by hyping the phony meme called "Jexodus," which isn't a anything but a Trump supporter moronically attacking the Democratic Party as being anti-Semitic to cover up his own previous words and actions.

I hate to even type the (J) phrase that Fox and Friends and the ultra right wing OAN network hyped this week since it's such a desperate attempt to lie and then cover up for the Steve Kings of the GOP.

The leader and apparently only member of this this faux movement is a model who worked for Trump's campaign in Trump Towers in 2016 and married a staffer in Trump's 2020 election campaign.

A movement of one isn't a movement, it's a Trump surrogate. State sponsored television cares not about the truth just its propaganda.

The shooter even acknowledged Trump's white nationalism helped inspire the Mosque massacre.

This is more than just brain dead.

Trump then followed that up by attacking the Mueller investigations repeatedly because even after a tragic massacre, he's always the one true victim in the world.

I guess for him, one Hallmark-style sympathy tweet is enough for him to cover the horrific xenophobic murderous rampage in New Zealand and then to proceed to wallow in his usual self-pity.

It's like Trump has his own form of "Munchhausen by proxy."

Trumphausen by proxy.


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