Without overtly responding to Tucker Carlson’s hideous, racial attack on her and Joy Reid, Tiffany Cross ripped him a good one, without saying a word about his smears.
October 23, 2022

This week, Carlson likened MSNBC hosts Cross and Reid to Rwandan genocide propagandists. It was over-the-top ridiculous but also potentially dangerous. When he’s not promoting white supremacy, endangering journalists is one of Carlson's favorite on-air pursuits.

I suspect this particularly vicious attack, which probably gave Carlson the extra satisfaction of smearing and endangering Black women, was done to assuage his embarrassment, after Carlson spent nearly two full shows slobbering over Kanye West - just days before his new Black friend got kicked off off Instagram and Twitter for his anti-Semitism and shortly before Carlson got caught editing out, and thus sanitizing, some of West’s anti-Semitic rants and bonkers conspiracy theories.

Cross chose not to respond to Carlson directly but hit back by playing the clip of him gushing over Ye, saying "We've rarely heard a man speak so honestly and so movingly about what he believes." She put the clip in the larger context of Republicans pretending they embrace people of color. “This sounds more like the political equivalent of some of my best friends are Black,” Cross said. And I can assure you, that is exactly what Carlson was up to when he spent so much airtime slobbering over West.

Cross also suggested that since West is known to have some mental challenges, and Carlson dismissed them in the clip she played, maybe “it takes somebody else with the same challenges to understand him?” She also pointed out that the GOP is also slobbering over Herschel Walker who has admitted to suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Guest Michael Steele, former chair of the RNC, hit the nail on the head. He called Carlson’s love for West “a form of projection.” He added, “That's Tucker talking about himself, that's how we see Tucker. That is how a larger community of people see Tucker.”

“I think it’s very important to understand that Tucker Carlson would no more be promoting Kanye West than he would be promoting me,” Steele continued, “if Kanye sounded more like me than Tucker.”

In other words, West and Walker, along with the GOP’s other Black Best Friends serve as cover for the racist, anti-people of color policies the Republicans really embrace. “I’ve been in that room so long, I can tell you where the holes in the floor are, alright?” Steele, who is also Black, said. “Even though you cover it up with carpet, nah, don't step there, cause that's gonna lead right to the basement.”


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