Ron Paul "I Can't See Any Difference Between Obama's And Bush Foreign Policy"

January 05, 2010 MSNBC The ED Show

SCHULTZ: Is the rhetoric that Cheney and some of the Republicans are throwing out -- Michael Steele did it today as well -- is that hurting our effort, in your opinion?

PAUL: I don`t know. I haven`t quite figured all that out. My attack was not initiated by myself. I was asked about it, what I thought about him speaking out. And I just thought that he had had his eight years to try to do things and left us with a lot of problems, so it was sort of out of character to come back and start chipping at the president for this.

Really, what my beef is, is that foreign policies never change. There is a lot of talk about when Republicans are running against the Democrats, like when we ran against Clinton, we were the peace party and there was too much intervention. When Obama runs against Bush, we have to have less -- we`re going to bring our troops home, end the war. Then they get in and they do the same thing.

See, I can`t see any difference in reality between the foreign policy and Obama and George Bush. So for Cheney to come in and say, oh, this Obama, he`s horrible, he`s horrible -- but he ought to say, hey, keep up the good work, because in Congress, you know, the Republicans are more supportive of Obama than the Democrats are. I mean, they think that the Republicans will pass the bill to get the additional troops for Afghanistan.

So there is a lot of hypocrisy going on here. I`m just trying to argue my case that I think we should have less intervention and less pretense that there is a real difference between the two parties.

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