The universe is turned inside out at Bloggingheads, beginning with Ann Althouse's declaration that Glenn Reynolds is the "greatest blogger of all ti
November 8, 2008

The universe is turned inside out at Bloggingheads, beginning with Ann Althouse's declaration that Glenn Reynolds is the "greatest blogger of all time," after which the implosion becomes cataclysmic.

If you want to spare yourself the brain damage, here's the transcript:

Reynolds: I really do worry about Obama. I am concerned that he is going to be hit on by a whole bunch of interest groups who are going to demand a lot, and that he's going to have a hard time saying no. Paradoxically for him, I think, having the Republicans maintain enough seats to keep a filibuster is probably a good thing, I think it will probably give him a chance to resist some of these demands from his constituencies.

But I'm a little concerned. If he had run the kind of campaign that the early part of his campaign symbolized and that his really very nice acceptance speech last night symbolized, I would have felt better about him. There was a lot of sort of thuggish behavior toward critics and stuff, and the fundraising stuff, that I didn't like, and that kind of gave me a bad feeling about him. And we'll just have to see if that translates into an Obama administration now, or not. ...

Althouse: Well you know, I got the feeling -- this idea of standing up to the Democratic Congress was really important to me, but I didn't feel like McCain would do that. I felt like McCain had always been about reaching across the aisle and wanting the Democrats to love him. And I actually felt that, you know, once the national security interests became secondary, because I think we essentially won the war -- and I voted against Kerry in '04 because I thought he was going to lose the war for us, and that was the overwhelming issue then -- so once that wasn't the main issue, and it's about standing up to the Democratic Congress on all these various economic questions, and immigration issues and things like that, I felt that Obama would actually be the stronger man, that he would be able to be his own man, he wouldn't need to make overtures to the Democrats to get them to love him, that he would need to stand for something, and that his inclination is to stand for, uh, representing the interests of the country perhaps in a way he would define with his more coherent style of thinking. Whereas McCain just struck me as completely erratic on all kinds of issues other than national security. And his admission early on that he didn't know anything about economics -- I'm still actually more angry about that than anything else anybody said, practically.

The Stupid, It Burns.

As Blue Texan observes:

What neither of these idiots seem to understand:

US voters want the Republican Party, which took a beating in this week's general elections, to embrace progressiveness and work with Democratic president-elect Barack Obama to get America back on track, a poll showed Friday.

"By nearly three to one, voters think the Republicans should support Obama's policies," Robert Borosage, co-director of CAF told reporters.

Even among Republicans, nearly half -- 45 percent -- thought their party should work with the new Democratic Party president elect and help him bring about change.


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