Dana Perino Carries Water For Poor Little Old 'Maverick' Bart Stupak With Abortion Funding Lie


Dana Perino on Greta's show claims that if the Democrats had just caved into Bart Stupak's phony arguments about abortion funding that doesn't exist in the health care bill, they could have had it signed into law by now. So nice to see Dana carrying water for this C-Street extremist.

Perino: Bart Stupak as a Congressman is not unreasonable. He's a very principled person who has stood his ground and you'd think that... for President Obama, I would think he would, hopefully he would respect Bart Stupak for being a member of the loyal opposition. Ah... it's not bad for a president to have loyal opposition... in fact to have a Maverick in your party to push back against you as President Bush well knew with somebody like a Senator McCain.

But we'll have to see what happens on Sunday Greta... they're going to ruin another one of our weekends.

I can think of a lot of things I'd like to call Bart Stupak right now, but reasonable, principled and maverick are not exactly the first ones that come to mind. And I'm so sorry Dana might have her weekend ruined by the Democrats working over the weekend. I tell you what Dana, why don't you just take the weekend off and spare us any of your analysis about what happened? You have nothing meaningful to contribute since you're continuing to push Stupak and the media's lies about abortion funding in the bill.

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