Monica Crowley Compares Obama Campaign Anti-Smear Web Site To Nixon's Enemies List


The Obama campaign has set up a new anti-smear web site, Attack Watch, which as Media Matters reported, has the talking heads at Fox on the defensive, given that most of the smears that deserve to be reported there would rightfully be coming from Fox “News” or their cohorts on right-wing radio and blogs.

On Fox's supposed media watchdog show, Fox News Watch, the response from some of their panel members was of course negative as well, with Monica Crowley going so far as to compare the site to former President Nixon's enemies list.

CROWLEY: And look, can you imagine a Republican president, say Richard Nixon, who got pounded for keeping a so-called enemies list. It's different when a campaign does it than when the President of the United States does it, who's supposed to represent all of the people.

So does this mean Crowley is admitting that Fox is the political enemy of President Obama? If not, I'm not sure why she would think it's an apt comparison to conflate the current administration wanting to openly and publicly beat back lies told about them in the right-wing media to Nixon keeping a secret list of his political enemies.

Here's more from Media Matters on the carping about the new site from Fox --After Years Of Smearing Obama, Right-Wing Media Mock Obama For Anti-Smear Site:

Right-wing media are mocking the Obama campaign's launch of a site called Attack Watch to fight smears against the president. Yet right-wing media have relentlessly pushed many smears about the president -- during and since the 2008 campaign -- including pushing the claim that he was not born in the United States, claiming he was educated in a madrassa, attacking his faith, and claiming the administration committed federal crimes.

Much more there so go read the rest.

UPDATE: Title changed to reflect the fact that the web site is from the Obama campaign and is not a government web site.


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