Rachel Maddow: C-Street Exposed In World Magazine


Rachel Maddow talks to Jeff Sharlet about the lastest shoe to drop for the secretive C-Street Family. World Magazine formerly dismissed Jeff Sharlet's work as conspiracy theories, but now has published an article exposing The Family: All in the family. Maddow and Sharlet discuss their findings.

Bruce Wilson at Alternet has more on this story-- MSNBC's Maddow Show Propels Growing Scandal Over Washington's "Christian Mafia":

In a new August 17, 2009 Maddow show segment [link to MSNBC page with viewable show segment], Rachel Maddow and Jeff Sharlet discuss, among many new revelations, the disturbing fact that the "Christian Embassy" scandal, propelled by a complaint to the Department of Defense from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, was investigated by a Pentagon Inspector General who is in fact a Family member.The Family, also known as "The Fellowship", is a secretive fundamentalist Washington DC ministry which runs the National Prayer Breakfast and Bible study groups attended by numerous US Senators and Congress members, wields global influence, and celebrates the leadership lessons of Hitler, Lenin, and Mao.


Now, bypassing most mainstream news organizations, Christian media is getting into the act. As covered on the latest Raddow Maddow The Family/C Street House segment, a conservative Christian news magazine, World Magazine, has not only covered the Family/C Street saga but also advanced the story in important ways.

In All In The Family, Emily Belz and Eric Lee Pitts do what is sorely lacking in much of mainstream journalism - they investigate, dig that is, and uncover new information on the welter of Family-owned properties located in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC as well as on the financial dealings of The International Foundation, the Family's central nonprofit entity which finances international travel.

You can read the entire article here.


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