Republican Operative Castellanos Pretends That Astroturf Tea Party Somehow Equates To Left Wing Blogs


Republican operative and CNN political commentator Alex Castellanos plays a nice little game of false equivalencies when talking about the chances of right winger Christine O'Donnell and whether that GOP/Tea Party candidate might upset Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary race for the U. S. Senate. Never mind the extremism of the right wing and the teabaggers and who is funding that movement, the left wing blogosphere is just the same thing when it comes to the fringes of either party.

I take Castellanos to task for a few things here. One, the teabaggers out there are not some movement that started from a grassroots political uprising. They are a movement that wanted to re-brand the Republican Party so it got the taint of the Bush stink removed from it and that want to pretend they are something different than just the rabid right wing base of the Republican Party. They're sponsored by Dick Armey and Tim Phillips and every other Republican front group that is taking advantage of these seniors that they're busing out there to participate in their protests.

The left wing blogosphere is not some organized group that walks in lock-step with the Democratic Party and pretends like everything the leadership is doing is alright with them. To compare the two is utterly ridiculous but of course no one was going to point that out on Cooper's show.

COOPER: Well, Alex, if she does win the Republican Party nomination, it does say -- does it say much about the power of Sarah Palin? I mean, how much do you think she would owe that victory to Sarah Palin?

CASTELLANOS: Oh, I don't think -- I think this is much bigger than Sarah Palin.

Republican primaries like this one, closed, are a little bit like private clubs. Only Republicans get to vote. So, even if it's Delaware, a left-of-center state, you can still have a very right- leaning primary. And that's what you have here.

Now, the left has the blogosphere. The right has the Tea Party. And they're a little bit like the lines on the side of the road. You're glad you're there. They tell you how far you can go, but you don't necessarily want to drive there all the time.

I do think the Tea Party's detriment, their -- the liability of the Tea Party is overstated by the media. Tea Party candidates are running ahead in places like Colorado. Ron Johnson is running even with Russ Feingold.

So, the Tea Party -- if you ask Americans, hey, do you agree with the Tea Party, 60 percent say yes. And it's because of Washington. This is an anti-Washington election. So, don't count these candidates out yet.

COOPER: So -- so, you think she could still win in that state, even if she gets the Republican nomination?

CASTELLANOS: Oh, I think she could, but I think it's -- Paul is right. It's much tougher. In a general election, it's not a private club. And it is a left-of-center state, and it would be much tougher. There's no question.

But, you know, here's what Republicans say. What good would it do us to have an Arlen Specter in the Senate? And that's the way many Republicans up there look at Mike Castle. You know, we had to ship Arlen Specter back over to the Democrats, where he was much more comfortable. What good would it do to try to build a new Republican Senate majority around that?


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