Extra Strength Funny: The Soothing Balm For Scandal Fatigue. Absurdity Today Ep. 39

Scandal Fatigue: n. A condition whereupon suffers "can't F'ing BELIEVE these partisan, government and/or corporate media pricks are crying victim to actions they themselves have been guilty of for the last 40 years and FLOODING the airwaves with this crap when there are REAL scandals out there to cover and actual work to be done."

Sufferers of Scandal Fatigue often exhibit tell-tale symptoms such as the sudden uncontrollable urge to rant, either publicly or by audibly grumbling to oneself; increased anxiety; and a strong desire to self-sooth by watching internet cat videos. In severe cases, suffers may start to believe that Meet The Press is a balanced national conversation. Seek immediate attention if Fox News starts sounding rational.

Luckily today there's a cure: fast-acting Absurdity Today with Julianna Forlano. Taken weekly alongside your regular dosage of independent media, and Real Time/ Daily Show/ Colbert Report /Viewpoint regimen, Absurdity Today can arrest your symptoms in under two minutes.*

Side effects include increased mirth, feelings of well being without dampening the desire or ability to be an active participant in democracy, spontaneous laughter but not in the crazy way, and a sense of community.

Watch this video to see if Absurdity Today is right for you!

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA probably because they are true.


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