Consider the irony of this very portly man whose bluster is greater than his brain ranting about poor children, especially at this time of year. Consider further the utter meanness of what he says, particularly in terms of the conservative
December 13, 2011

Consider the irony of this very portly man whose bluster is greater than his brain ranting about poor children, especially at this time of year. Consider further the utter meanness of what he says, particularly in terms of the conservative penchant for demanding that women give birth to their children whether they choose to or not.

As cliché as it sounds, Limbaugh makes Scrooge almost a cuddly sweetheart. Still, it highlights better than anything else I could possibly imagine the utter contempt conservatives have for children after they have left the embryo stage and entered the world we all live in.

To listen to Limbaugh, you would think children were born with a deeply-held ardent desire to become little sluggards, feeding three times a day on the State while plotting their takeover of free meals in the summer. And according to Rush, it turns them into "wanton waifs and serfs depending on the State. Pure and simple."

Not so simple, but simple-minded Rush listeners will certainly think so. This is why Newt Gingrich is permitted to get away with his evil mantra about children cleaning bathrooms so janitors can all be fired. When Newt says it, he sounds just a tiny bit more benign than Rush, but not much.

In what is possibly the weirdest part of this whole rant, Rushbo shakes his fist at school meal programs during the school year, because that leaves children with no way to get food during the summer. Of course, the summer food assistance programs are what Rush is ranting about in the first place, so it's really nothing more than an excuse to rant about bratty little kids getting food from the government so they can be lazy bums who turn into "wanton waifs and serfs." I suppose his alternative is for them to simply starve after they have left the embryo state?

This, from a guy who sucks on the corporate welfare teat of Clear Channel Networks to the tune of $50 million per year. Who exactly is the lazy bum? For perspective, read this article about poverty in Columbia, MO, and how teachers are coping with it.

Full transcript follows (with some scattered commentary) if you can't bear to listen to his self-satisfied sanctimonious voice.

LIMBAUGH: The state of Missouri is receiving a two million dollar Federal grant to feed needy children near Kansas City and St. Louis during the summer. Two million dollars that we don't have to feed needy children near Kansas City and St. Louis during the summer.

Allow me to interrupt this transcript long enough to note that if Rush Limbaugh paid just a tiny smidge more in taxes we would have it.

The state has operated a pilot project in Kansas City, plans to expand it with funds from the Department of Agriculture. The funding will be divided between Kansas City and St. Louis. State officials say they'll be able to help 10,000 children in St. Louis, Kansas City, Hickman Mills and Center school districts.

Now. What did I just say. Nobody ever won anything defending it. Well here you go. What are we -- we're trying to defend against profligate spending, but we're not on offense. We're just trying to stop it. We're like at the Alamo. We're just trying to stop it-- we're constantly on defense everywhere -- 'cause we don't use government the way they do. They're constantly on offense, constantly making a move, constantly trying to make it bigger.

We're just saying stop, dammit, stop, stop, stop! We're not even trying to advance anything. Very troubling.

So this is how it works, you see. If you feed them, if you feed the children, three square meals a day during the school year, how can you expect them to feed themselves in the summer?

So you start out with breakfast for the kids who can't afford it, which happened when I was in junior high. I remember when it started, remember the school making a big announcement over the PA. And I'm not lying to you, I said "What the hell is this? What is this?" Opening the cafeteria at seven o'clock and it was -- it was like a Continental. It was nothing hot. It was rolls and butter and stuff like that.

And then of course it expanded. And we now learned it includes dinner! In Memphis and other places during the school year. Ok, then school ends, and of course, how can we expect them to feed themselves in the summer when they haven't had to for nine months.

So this is how it works. They demand to be fed during the summer or their acolytes demand that they be fed during the summer, because after all, we've conditioned them to not feeding themselves. Plus their parents don't have to take the responsibility of feeding them, and their parents don't take the responsibility of paying, not directly, for them to be fed. So it's just natural.

Another interruption: Acolytes? Really? What does Mr. Bloated Bloviator think these children should do? Oh wait, I know. Dumpster dive.

Mith Erlenbaugh, these children simply are ill-equipped to feed themselves in the thummertime. It'th the only compathionate thing we can do. Yeah, well who made that possible? You, Mr. Nucastroti, by trying to make people helpless.

Wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the State. Pure and simple.

If that isn't the most evil depiction of conservative "values" you've ever heard, I suggest tuning into a few other Rush classics in his war on children. Well, not all children. For example, he's got no problem making little African children charity-dependent while thumping his chest and calling himself a champion of Christianity. See, it's only a problem when it's in this country and it's children here who are needy that charities don't provide for. Anywhere else? No problem. At least, no problem unless he's defending evil, malevolent people in Uganda who kidnap children and murder them.

After all, it's all for the Lord. And the children, of course. Never forget those children. Who should starve during the summer. Or year-round. Or something.

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