Russ Feingold Lets Scott Walker Have It With Both Barrels

Russ Feingold is in fine form here at a rally in Walkerville Sunday, rallying the troops to gear up for recalls of the Republican Senators in July.

Via Daily Kos:

Senator Russ Feingold: "Why are we in a place called Walkerville today? I will tell you why we're here. We are here because we will not stop until we win, until this is over. We are here because the big corporate interests in this country decided, about 20 years ago, 'I think the first thing we'll do is pass a bunch of trade agreements and ship overseas all the jobs of the people in the private sector', that's the first thing they decided to do. They got the job done on that, ruthlessly, tricking both parties into it, and then they said 'Okay, now we go after the public employees. Let's go after, those, let's start saying that teachers aren't the people they are, let's start demonizing public employees, and maybe we can get the people who lost their jobs on the private side to turn on the people on the public side!'. It's divide and conquer by the big money interests in this country, that's always been their strategy. Frankly, I don't think all of us saw it coming. I certainly didn't see the ruthlessness and how far they would go with this."

And there's more:

"We only need 17 of em. So that we are able to keep Walker stopped. But that doesn't mean we can't do anything more. That's not enough. Then we gotta take back the state assembly in the 2012 elections. And then we all agree, we want the trifecta, and that we have to defeat Scott Walker and get a new Governor. And then we need a repeal passed by the Democratic state senate, passed by the Democratic state assembly and then signed by the new Democratic governor, that is what we need.

I am here to stand with you to continue that fight. If it takes a year, great, if it takes five years, it's worth it. This is not a short term deal. I used to say when I maybe occasionally played a little to aggressively with my sister, 'The game is not over until I win!', well, this game is not over until WE WIN!""

Next move? Feingold for Wisconsin Governor?


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