Dana Loesch Gets Tongue-Lashing At Netroots Nation 2012

Acting as the appointed Brietbart concern troll, CNN's Dana Loesch descended upon the Wisconsin Recall post-mortem panel to innocently inquire as to why it is that union dues and membership dropped ahead of the recall. In Loesch's world, those

Where Is Paul Ryan?

Rep. Paul Ryan is so afraid of his constituents he had his office doors locked against those who came to get some answers. Daily Kos: Afraid of the protesters he would draw for his plan to slash the social safety net in order to make the

Voter Suppression In Wisconsin -- Again

In Koch-ville, USA, voters are scary. At least, Democratic voters are. Americans for Prosperity helpfully sent out reminders to voters to mail in their absentee ballots. Wasn't that nice of them? Only, the deadline on their helpful litte

Suspicious Fire Destroys Offices Of We Are Wisconsin PAC

Just ten days before the recall elections in Wisconsin, the offices of We Are Wisconsin PAC in LaCrosse have been completely gutted by fire. Fire officials in La Crosse are continuing to investigate a Saturday blaze that destroyed the regional

Wisconsin Recall Update

Today is the day when Wisconsin districts will vote for faux Democrats or real ones. By that, I mean that the first round of recall elections is today, but instead of voting for the recall, voters will be voting in a primary to see whether a real

Democrat Wins Republican's Seat In Wisconsin

It's looking bad for Republicans in Wisconsin. Really bad. Because when a solidly Republican district falls to a Democrat after Scott Walker has been "carrying out the will of the people" I think it's safe to say the will of the people doesn't look