Haley Barbour: ‘I Would Love For Christie To Put A Hot Poker To Obama’s Butt’

Haley Barbour on Fox News Channel, August 29, 2012

It really horrifies me how openly nasty and violent Republicans feel entitled to be without repercussions. Remember how everyone wailed and condemned on the House Floor a email by MoveOn that called General Petraeus 'Gen. Betray-us'? When they said that we couldn't criticize George W. Bush because 'there was a war going on' and we needed to be united? Well, you know what the old saying is: It's OK If You're A Republican.

TPM got the story:

Barbour spoke at a fundraiser and briefing in Tampa last Thursday put on by Karl Rove, who co-founded the American Crossroads super PAC and its sister non-profit. Barbour is a former adviser to the groups.

“While I would love for [Chris] Christie to put a hot poker to Obama’s butt,” Haley said of his reaction to Christie's address. “I thought he did what he was supposed to do.”

Nope, nothing racist about making allusions to branding our first African-American president. And the Republicans say that Democrats are being divisive. Still, what can you expect from a former KKK-supporting governor who accused the Democrats of 'playing the race card' for calling out all the dog-whistles and overt racism on this campaign? Maybe Barbour thinks that his violent rhetoric and nasty tone will land him a position in Romney's cabinet. You know Romney won't disavow statements like that.


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