I wrote about Samantha Pawlucy, the Philadelphia high school student who was ridiculed and harassed by her teacher for wearing a Romney T-shirt, and as it turns out, there's a little bit more to the story. Her father, who told a local
October 13, 2012

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I wrote about Samantha Pawlucy, the Philadelphia high school student who was ridiculed and harassed by her teacher for wearing a Romney T-shirt, and as it turns out, there's a little bit more to the story.

Her father, who told a local reporter he wasn't registered to vote but probably would have voted for Obama, is a little more complicated than that. In fact, he sounds very much like your typical neighbor -- who's also heavily into Glenn Beck and Tea Party issues.

His enthusiasms: Guns. (Several videos of him teaching kids how to shoot on his Facebook page.) Concealed carry. (He believes the Colorado shooting massacre could have been stopped if more of the moviegoers were carrying guns.) FreedomWorks. Armed civilian town watch. His family. Tae Kwan Do.

"It's caused a lot of problems in the neighborhood," says Kozlowski. "I think this group [town watch] preys on people's fears. And everybody wants revenge when something happens to them. Very defensive, eye-for-an-eye ... 'Don't call the cops, let us take care of it.'"

On his own Facebook wall this past July 31, Pawlucy complained about "multiculturalism." He recounts being "out last Sunday patrolling on my own" when he "stumbled accross [sic] a improvised memorial service on Tulip and Cambria. The scum bags closed of the street with their cars, loud gangsta rap playing and filth surrounding them. I never thought the other side of richmond would turn into this sh*t hole. What gets me is that some people call it Multiculturalism and they live in this sh*t. I dont grt [sic] the liberal mindset. Their neighborhood is being destroyed and if someone questions the Multiculturalism they call you a racist. What nonsense."

Turns out all three of his daughters wore Romney shirts to school, as he posted on Beck's Facebook page:

"Hey Glenn just want to say I love your new radio show and listen every day. I have a story for you concerning my three daughters who attend a Philadelphia public school. Last week my daughters all wanted to wear a Romney/Ryan shirt to dress down to school. I said sure its a free country. The girls just came home from school and my eldest daughter was harassed by kids and teachers. Her teacher told her to get out of the class room but my daughter refused. The teacher ran outside of the class room and began shouting oh my this girl is wearing a romney shirt. She called in other teachers to stare at her. She also told her that her Romney shirt is akin to wearing a KKK shirt and do not show up to a "democratic" school with Romney on your shirt. I did not know that schools had party affliation. My other two daughters also caught flack for their shirts. The Philadelphia school district has a liberal agenda and my kids will not be part of it. Monday my wife and I will be at the school to raise some hell!!! "

You might kinda sorta get the idea that Dad has an agenda, right? He warns that Fast & Furious is a plot to take away our guns, and he definitely doesn't like Obama:

I was in shop rite yesterday and was speaking to my wife about the high prices of food. One lady said its out of control. We began to discuss politics and I asked her who do you like Romney or Obama. She said Obama. She repeated to me word for word that Romney does not care about the 47 %. These people only know what they see on tv and will not investigate further. Sheep they are being led by Obama.

He frequents cns.com and Sodahead. No sheep there, right? Oh, and he posts a picture of the food he bought at Chik Fil A to show his support.

This particular musing was posted 10 days before his daughter wore the Romney shirt to school:

Just reflecting today as I am driving around this city and listening to 106.9 Glen Beck. The show said we were attacked on 9/11 because of our values. Many Americans are attacked everyday for their values. A few weeks ago we were attacked because we defended a teenage girls reputation and personal infromation from being made public on Port Richmond Town Watch. We had so called "neighbors" attack us verbally after we finished instructing TAE KWON DO at Frank Glavin PG. The one lady even told my wife it would be just her to talk about the lady robbing the old people. But just like a person who lacks integrity she had all her friends show up and try to intimitade us. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. My wife is very skilled street fighter and martial artist if they became physical it would be a very short fight. We stand up for our values, family, friends, students and school. this is not negotiable. Port Richmond Town Watch has become a lynching site targeting not only adults but children as well. We brought up this matter to TINA WILLIS 24th district police officer. We sent her a detailed letter explaining the bullying on the town watch site. She finally called us back and said well trombetta can not take down the site !!! My wife told her I taught you called about the bullying on the site. Well, she had no clue>>>>>>>>>>useless waste of tax payers money this woman is. Point is fight for your values and dont let anyone cheapen you.

Doesn't he sound like, oh, I dunno, someone with a victim mentality?

Oh, and in addition to numerous Ronald Reagan quotes, he also announces on his page he took the test to become a cop. And he doesn't like public schools:

My children attend public school and one day I asked them who was FDR. They had no idea. I asked them what was WW2 about. They did not know. I asked them what is the constitution. They did not know. We have to teach our children about this country and what it stands for. The public schools teach nonsense and dumb down the curriculum so every kids passes. The only teach left wing liberal politically correct ideology and create a nation of cowards and takers.

Anyway, you get the idea. Samantha's dad has a political agenda that predates the incident at his daugher's high school, and if you want to talk about brainwashing, well, I don't know that most teenage girls in his neighborhood wear Romney shirts without someone carefully molding and shaping them to do so. But I guess it all depends on who's doing the brainwashing.

Can you help us out?

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