Brent Bozell: Obama Looks Like A 'Skinny Ghetto Crackhead'


You know, I could almost feel sorry for these knuckleheads. If they simply can't understand the difference between a comment on someone's wacky demeanor and a racist slur, well, they're just too stupid for words. Which is why they're on Faux News in the first place! Via Media Matters:

Fox News' animosity toward President Obama, three years into his presidency, is by now well-known. This is the network that routinely calls Obama a socialist, accuses him of being involved in all sorts of conspiratorial plots, and claims that he hates America. But, as witnessed Thursday on Hannity, Fox's attacks have taken an increasingly racially charged tone: Brent Bozell, who runs the factually challenged outfit of conservative misinformation known as the Media Research Center, likened Obama to "a skinny, ghetto crackhead."

Bozell appeared on Hannity as part of the show's weekly "Media Mash" segment to talk about purported mainstream media failings. After listening to a clip of MSNBC host Chris Matthews saying that Newt Gingrich "looks like a car bomber," Bozell responded:

BOZELL: How long do you think Sean Hannity's show would last if four times in one sentence, he made a comment about, say, the President of the United States, and said that he looked like a skinny, ghetto crackhead? Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does. Everybody on the left would come forward and demand he be fired within five minutes for being so insulting towards a leader of the United States.

This is the guy who, after spending his ENTIRE ADULT LIFE on wingnut welfare, said this about man of peace Jimmy Carter:

BOZELL: You know, first comment on President Carter. Doesn't he sound like that proverbial college freshman who spouts neo-Marxist pablum after one too many hits on the bong? I mean he... Mr. President, it's time, you know it's time to put up shutters in your houses and really shut up now because you are making a fool of yourself.

No one really pays attention to you, Brent. You kick up waves to make sure your fundraisers come up with enough cash to keep your cushy life, but you haven't influenced anyone who didn't already agree with you. That's what makes you such a loser.


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