June 6, 1944 - Invasion Of Europe.

June 6, 1944 - Sixty-eight years ago, the Allies invaded France in what would be a turning point in World War 2. A one-hour extract from continuous coverage of the days events, as broadcast over CBS Radio on June 6, 1944.

January 26, 1944 - Dog Days Of War.

This day in history - January 26, 1944 - the Italian campaign continues slowly. Soviet Union refuses to recognize Polish government in exile based on reiterating Nazi propaganda about alleged Russian atrocities. Argentina cuts off ties to Germany. The Black Market is alive and well and thriving in the U.S., based on undercover investigations.

December 5, 1944 - A Day In The Life Of War.

U.S. Army advancing into Germany. Fingers still crossed the war would be over by Christmas. The news on this day in December in 1944 was all about Allied Advances. On the Western Front, General Patton's 3rd Army established a bridgehead at The

Cinco De Mayo Special - 1944

Nothing political this time, or urgent, earth shattering news of historic importance. Just a sampling of Mexican Radio in 1944. A program sponsored (somewhat endlessly) by Chicklets featuring singers Sofia Alvarez and Eduardo Solis and a wide

States Of The Union Past - FDR - 1944

States of the Union past - President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers a pre-recorded State of the Union Address owing to a bout with the flu, on January 11, 1944.