Newstalgia Reference Room - The Dream Of Affordable Middle-Class Housing - 1950

Newstalgia Reference Room with a debate over pending legislation for Affordable Middle Class Housing, as introduced in the Senate. The subject is debated by Sen. John Sparkman (co-sponsor of the bill) and Clark Daniel, Director, National Association of Home Builders. From the program American Forum of The Air, broadcast on March 12, 1950.

Newstalgia Reference Room - "Do We Need Unemployment Insurance?" - 1950

Newstalgia Reference Room - "Do We Need Unemployment Insurance?" - a lively debate on the pros and cons of Federally subsidized Unemployment Insurance, as proposed by President Truman and debated by Secretary of Labor Maurice Tobin and Senator John W. Bricker (R-Ohio). Broadcast in January 1950.

November 18, 1950 - Turkeys, The Mob And The Thing.

News for the week ending November 18, 1950. Thanksgiving coming up and a look at Thanksgivings past. Coach Herman Hickman given a 10 year contract by Yale, Playwright Robert Sherwood appeals for more Theater in America. Kefauver Crime Committee Hearings in Los Angeles with mobster Mickey Cohen on the witness stand. Korea continuing. A debate heating up on Capitol Hill over Foreign Policy. And the biggest record of the week is The Thing.

Memorial Day - 1950

Less than a month before Korea, years before Vietnam and decades before Iraq, Memorial Day was about remembering those who served and died during the Wars previous, back to the Civil War. The Second World War had only ended less than five years