February 23, 1975 - Not Bathing In The Same Water Twice.

February 23, 1975 - calls to send Military aid to South Vietnam. Kissinger returns from Middle East "hopeful". Ethiopia ask U.S. for arms against militants in Eritrea province. Judge Sirica hands down sentences for Watergate figures. New tensions in Cyprus. Outlawed strikes in Spain go on anyway. Persian Gulf region under scrutiny for continued arms sales. Another lovely day in the neighborhood.

February 1, 1975 - $1 Billion A Day.

News of this day included the loud gasp heard over the size of the new budget President Ford was handing Congress. The Recession dragged on. Calls for belt tightening. Supplemental Aid to Southeast Asia was voted down - between the 55,000 lives lost and the billions already spent, enough was enough. Aid to Turkey was on hold pending outcome of the latest Cyprus situation. And the U.S. had the dubious distinction of the 2nd highest trade deficit of the century. Not a day to celebrate.

January 16, 1975 - Same As It Ever Was - Same. As. It. Ever. Was.

January 16, 1975 - this day in history. Recession getting worse. GNP drops 9.1%, worst since 1958. Inflation rose 13%, worst since 1947. Calls for Gas Rationing. Soviet Union says detente not dead, just wounded. CIA Hearings continue. Ford Auto to offer rebates on new cars. Israel/Lebanon border skirmishes. Middle East Peace feelers continue. News Analyst Eric Sevareid on world reaction to Economy.

Newstalgia Reference Room - The Right Of Privacy - 1975

Newstalgia Reference Room featuring a discussion as broadcast on NPR's National Town Meeting on the Freedom of Information Act and the Right Of Privacy Act with Congresswoman Bella Abzug from the Congressional Subcommittee on the Privacy Act, Sen. Barry Goldwater Jr. and Dr. Louis Branscomb, Vice-President of IBM.

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles - Voices In The Wind - 1975

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles with an episode from the NPR series Voices In The Wind, hosted by singer/songwriter Oscar Brand. Featuring interviews with Stripper Ann Corio, John Lennon, Jan-Michael Vincent, Time Weisberg and others. Episode from 1975.