November 2, 1975 - New York's Week From Hell.

News for the week ending November 2, 1975 - New York default. Fighting escalates in Beirut. Terrorist bombing in London restaurant. Anwar Sadat visits Washington for first time. Busing issue flares up. Karen Ann Quinlan and the right to die. Spain's Francisco Franco near death and the Senate begins hearings on the Intelligence community's domestic spying practices.

October 10, 1975 - Paradise Somewhere.

News of the day for October 10, 1975 - Israel returns Sinai oil fields to Egypt. Pres. Ford lifts gain embargo against Poland, but not Soviet Union. Bumper U.S. crop of corn and wheat. Tax and spending cuts debate in Senate. Anti-Busing protests force Ford to postpone appearance in Louisville. Lebanon fighting escalates, asks PLO for help. And Russian denounces Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov.

August 16, 1975 - Shuttle Diplomacy And A Rise In Expectations.

News of the week for the week ending August 16, 1975. Henry Kissinger back and forth in an attempt to get movement on a Middle East Peace Accord. Ford threatens veto of Oil Price Controls. Investigation on Chilean overthrow and Allende death. Golf big past time at White House.

May 11, 1975 Was The End Of A Testy Week

News of this week, ending May 11th in 1975. Evacuation of Cambodia, news of takeover of Cambodia by Khmer Rouge, Refugees heading to U.S., aftermath of fall of South Vietnam. 30th Anniversary of VE day and Egypt clears Suez Canal of wrecked ships from 1967 war in anticipation of re-opening the Canal.

What Capitol Hill Sounded Like On March 1, 1975

A look at what Capitol Hill was up to this day in 1975, via The Washington Week In Review from CBS Radio on March 1, 1975 - Gerald Ford and the budget, Gerald Ford and Congress, The Congress and The energy Crisis and Nelson Rockefeller not giving a good God-Damn about 1980. Fun week.